Date: Jun 24, 2008 12:51 PM
Author: Bob L Petersen
Subject: Requiem for Candice LaMay Petersen Born in the wrong country.

Requiem for Candice LaMay Petersen Born in the wrong country. I am in Washington D.C. It's people want STAR WARS.

They have wasted everything they could be. Now they need something else.

They all laughed when it sounded like fun, Suits and all. Their excuse that does nothing else wrong. I called them cheerleads before and I've said it again. They were out alone in 2001. While the hillbillies were not visiable. Playing to be able to see the story while I laid on the ground.

I was back because there was no justice for me anywhere in 2003. White well dressed kids under 30 would bother me on Sundays. Do you want to face a wall of noise. There were problems else where to. No justice for me here either. My daughter died in Colorado in September. I was asked in like in 2004 if I was ever going back to Wahington D.C. by a campus officer I said No. HE was just asking.

All hell broke loose.

Went to living in San Francisco during the summers. I tried later to add a loop thur Washington D.C. cause doubt. Washington D.C. made it's play. I got clubbed in San Francisco but luckly only my computer was stolen. ?frosted hair street person? I heard you don't have enough money to get home. Everyone playing was well dressed.The play was with some in San Francisco. I had enough to go to Salt Lake for a while. Bye!

Your crocked your worthless.

Top to bottom here in Washington D.C. do you have an answer that doesn't just serve you.

Candice LaMay Petersen is dead.

I can accept no less than your law.

There is no deal without the letter of the law being followed.

Oh did you want this computer too and then to chase me off.

Where is the law?

I have had trouble in every library I've been in. Lincoln library thought it was ok to come out of the closet after who Washington D.C. treated me. They should me they could get their security to lie. The following week they just kicked me out.

Washington D.C. has people who have talked to some out there during this trip. The time they have wasted trying to decide if they and who their listening to is a useful truth. Useful why yes we won't use lawyers unless it's worth it.

It's criminal. 16 months and a stolen computer. Some have said they needed to see the computer to know what the truth was. I haven't gotten it back it's been since August 2008.

While I'm working to.

They say it lacks quality. I lost one page today twice. They were mad because it was good.

Just Crocks

Bob L. Petersen