Date: Jul 19, 2008 11:50 PM
Subject: post 8th grade on IA regents

 This was my reply to the answer I recieved regarding "Constructions" from
the post March 8th grade topics being put on the Integarted Algebra
Regents ...
As always, Grace A. Wilkie


Thanks for the response but you did not answer the question. Will
"Constructions" from the post March 8th grade performance indicators be on
the Integrated Algebra regents? A "yes" or "no" would be appreciated.

Grace A. Wilkie


Dear Ms. Wilkie:

I am responding to your question asking if "Constructions and other post
March items be tested on the future Integrated Algebra exam?"

Answer: The questions on the Regents Examination in Integrated Algebra
assess both the content and process strands of the Mathematics Learning
Standard. Because each question is aligned to a specific content strand,
students are assessed on their conceptual understanding, procedural
fluency and problem-solving abilities. The Test Specifications outline
the percentage of total credits that will be aligned with each content
strand and can be found at: [
] The coverage of the Regents
Examination in Integrated Algebra is not being expanded to incorporate
topics such as those you mention. However, there are foundational
mathematics skills and knowledge that students are expected to learn in
Grade 8, both pre- and post- March, that are needed for the three Regents
Examinations in mathematics.

Just as a reminder, the Department has established an e-mail address
dedicated solely to questions regarding the content and administration of
the new mathematics assessments and the transition from Mathematics A and
Mathematics B to Integrated Algebra, Geometry, and Algebra 2/Trigonometry.
Please ask teachers to use the e-mail address [ ] for the
quickest response to questions on these topics.

I hope this information answers your question. Sincerely, Candy Shyer

Candace Shyer
Bureau Chief, Test Development
Office of State Assessment
[ ]

>>> "W ilkie" <[ ]>
7/6/2008 8:36 PM >>>

I know that the Integrated Algebra Regents is coordinated with the
Performance Indicators.

I heard a rumor that the test is being expanded to incorporate the post
Math 8 topics (ie Constructions). Will Constructions and other post March
items be tested on the futureIntegrated Algebra exam?

If so will the SED be putting out a new directive before September with
all the topics which will be tested and the percentage of points for each

Concerned that many teachers will not be teaching and/or reviewing the
post March 8th performance items and our kids will be the ones affected.

As always,
Grace A. Wilkie
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