Date: Jul 28, 2008 3:02 AM
Author: John
Subject: Proof Question I spent 2 days already

hey teachers and experts

I have this extreme problem which took me 2 days to look over

There are 3 proof parts, a and b are easy to prove anyway
but I am stuck with problem c

Please take a look at this original problem

The givens are the following
RS and QT are the altitude of Triangle PQR;

I did part A using "AA ~ AA"

Since altitude makes a right angle, so
<QSU , <UTR are both right angles
then next we have the vertex angles...

Part B I used AAS =~ AAS

<PTQ = <UTR (Right angle)
<URT = <SQU (already proven from part A)
and side is the given

Now, part C is the problem
The question is

FIND < PRQ (angle)

here what I did for 2 days

I tried to setup a 3-variable equations
360 = 180+ (180-y) + z
z = 90+x
x = 90-y

but I always get the same answer 0 = 0 which means this is not the equation to solve for either unknown variable

Would someone please help me to find it?