Date: Aug 21, 2008 12:45 AM
Author: nancy
Subject: Re: cognitive radio

hi Guido 
thank you so much for the reply. i looked at the link you
gave but found nothing related to spectrum sensing :( . i
have not got any code related to it yet :(. however i am now
trying to simulate the energy detection technique using
MATLAB. it is still not finished coz i'm new to MATLAB and
having problem with coding. i am stuck with the probability
of false alarm.actually i'm trying to follow the IEEE paper
"Secure cooperative sensing techniques for cognitive radio
systems" by Bhargava et. al. i would be grateful if any
MATLAB code regarding the sensing technique is given.
thanx a lot....

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> > hello
> > i'm working on spectrum sensing techniques in cognitive
> > is an emerging topic and we don't find any

> codes
> > or any help for it. i'm also facing problems as i have to
> > start fresh...if anyone has any codes related to it could

> u
> > please send me some would be the greatest help
> for
> > me in doing my project...
> > thank u in advance
> > nancy

> hi nancy,
> I am developing an University project about CR. I know
> OSSIE (, but I don't
> know if it can help you. Did you find any interesting
> source code about CR?