Date: Nov 14, 2008 3:57 AM
Author: ulas
Subject: projection conversion


i ve an data file in a polar projection and i want to convert this data to lambert projection. i ve the intersection fractions between the two projection (which lambert cell intersects to which polar cells and in what percentage) and all i have to do is multiply the fractions of each polar cell with the emisions and sum them. however, i can not write a loop to this work. the fractions are in a comma delimited file and i read the file with textread function. i could not figure out how to create a loop when lambert cells are going in order for coloumns and rows (coloumns 132 and rows 1 to 111) but the intersecting polar cells are not necessarly going in order and the number of intersecting cells vary.

ı d be gratefull if someone cell show me a way

thanks in advance