Date: Dec 3, 2008 5:50 AM
Author: Daniel Walker
Subject: export pcolor to eps

Dear all,
when exporting a pcolor map to eps, I end up with an .eps with a large part of bitmap (?) information in it (a huge matrix). A collegue told me that this happened to him only when he used transparent objects in his plots, otherwise, also a 3D surface was represented as 'neat' vector information in his eps.
Drawing simply the map without additional objects (markers, lines, transparent yes/no) didn't change anything in my eps-structure.
Is there at all a possibility to export the map into an eps with other than this huge matrix of information? Or do I simply expect too much of vector-like representation?

I export my figure:
print(f1,'-depsc2', 'name');
...any other option needed?

I would appreciate your comments