Date: Mar 4, 1998 1:41 PM
Subject: Re:

>	In our school, and I am sure in most of your schools, we have six weeks =
>of classes left after the A.P. exam. In the past, after the exam (AB), =
>we have just carried on with more calculus (BC). Since none of our =
>students will be back to do the BC exam, we are looking for other =
>activities for the last six weeks of classes. We are looking for =
>student-centred, project-oriented activities. What do other people do =
>with the class time after the exam? Any suggestions?
> Thanks for your help.
>Angela Collins
>Burnett Secondary
>Richmond, B.C.

Consider an introduction to multivariate calculus with partial derivative
and 3D surfaces. This is very visual and computer-oriented which means
hands-on to the students. I have had great success with these topics in the

Michael Mullen
Westwood High School
Austin, Tx