Date: Jan 22, 2009 1:59 PM
Author: Walter Roberson
Subject: Re: Neural network on Matlab and C code for PIC implementatiion

Ahmed Hakim wrote:
> Any Help PLease

It is only 1 1/2 hours since your first post, and you have already several times
asked again for assistance.

This is not an official support facility, and everyone who answers here does so
as volunteers, when they have time, if the subject interests them. It is presently
lunch-time in wide swaths of North America (where most of the volunteers are),
so some people are busy eating -- and others are busy doing their -paid- jobs.

Please also understand that what you are asking to do is not something that is
commonly done, so not many people have the right kind of experience to answer you.

If you assistance that cannot wait a few days, then you should be contacting
Matlab support if you have -specific- technical questions, and you should be
hiring a consultant if you need more general assistance on how to put everything

.signature note: I am now avoiding replying to unclear or ambiguous postings.
Please review questions before posting them. Be specific. Use examples of what you mean,
of what you don't mean. Specify boundary conditions, and data classes and value
relationships -- what if we scrambled your data or used -Inf, NaN, or complex(rand,rand)?