Date: Mar 25, 2009 7:54 AM
Author: Poggioli, Lisa
Subject: RE: Grade 8 Math question 42

Thank you for pointing out the inconsistencies with the 2006 Scoring Guide. I attended the scorer training yesterday and they also said a point had to be deducted if the parentheses were missing. I think if enough phone calls were made regarding this issue, the State may agree to rethink the one point deduction.

I'm surprised to hear that they were not helpful when you called. We have called in the past and not only were they helpful, but it usually led to the student getting credit.

Lisa Poggioli, Math Chair
Salk Middle School, Levittown

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Sent: Wednesday, March 25, 2009 7:34 AM
Subject: Grade 8 Math question 42

We scored our 8th grade math tests today and I am extremely frustrated at NYS and CTB/McGraw-Hill. I called the very unhelpful CTB/McGraw-Hill helpline and they were not able to answer my questions. The second time I called back and they said that no one from NYS was there and they could not give me any phone numbers for me to talk to someone. (You would think at least they would have a representative from NYS there while schools are scoring this week.) They instead gave me a generic email address for NYSED.

My question/concern deals with Grade 8 question number 42. What is the score point if a student has the graph and labels all correct and has 3,3 written as the coordinate not (3,3) with parentheses. The lady at the help line said that it needed parentheses to get full credit so this example would be a 2 instead of a 3 score point. In my opinion, parentheses are not needed around the 3,3 to show full understanding as clearly the student knows what is going on.

In the past, on the 2006 NYS Grade 8 Math test question number 43, full credit was given for not putting parentheses around a coordinate. In the Scoring Guide Part 2 from 2006 on page 72, full credit is given for a graph and coordinates when parentheses are not written as it says "The graph is complete." in the explanation. The state gave full credit for this in 2006, so it should also be full credit for this on the 2009 test. The supervisor at CTB/McGraw-Hill said that he was under the impression that it was scored consistently in the past but obviously if you actually look at it, it is not.
Is anyone else concerned about this? We had over 50 out of our approx. 200 students lose a point because of this inconsistency in scoring from year to year and CTB/McGraw-Hill could not tell me why this was scored this way and no one has returned my email from NYSED.

Dave Stonitsch
8th Grade Math
Ernie Davis Middle School

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