Date: May 22, 2009 11:51 PM
Author: Tim Smith
Subject: Re: Wolfram Alpha's response on business model

In article <IidRl.22753$>,
Richard Fateman <> wrote:
> "What are the ingredients in a graham cracker crust?"

I don't think they have recipes, but if you just type "graham cracker"
you get a lot of interesting information about graham crackers,
including little graphs of the nutrient distribution and that the
serving density is 0.36 g/cm^3.

> "where does stephen wolfram live?"
> "who died on april 15, 1865"
> (Abraham Lincoln is the answer it did not find)

Try just "april 15, 1865", and Lincoln's death will be noted as one of
the notable events on that day. It usually seems to work best if you
don't ask for a very specific item, but instead ask for the more general
data, and then pick out your specific thing from the result.

> "how deep is the grand canyon"
> none of these were answered, or even understood by Alpha
> "how high is niagara falls?"
> [gave the elevation of the city, not the waterfall]

Click on the place at the top of the results where it says "use as a
waterfall instead".

--Tim Smith