Date: May 27, 2009 1:06 PM
Author: Bob L Petersen
Subject: de cart I have a back problem I also like to move fast Bob L. Petersen

I don't have to support my weight with my legs. More accurately said all support ahead of the vertical axis is from de cart.

So half of my weight is held up by my arms.

That is like the start of a sprinter. Only with half the weight to hold up with the legs.

There is no loaded motion till the kick, as it is called.

There's a different cycle to the movement of the legs to take advantage of those facts.


Then comes the math.

That is a problem I enjoy the benefits of my head working out.

To your next problem.

I freaked out a guy who almost hit me with a truck. He hit a car trying to figure out if what he saw was real.
It was the that and almost instant slowing down by shift the motion to the front quadrant. Two quick steps two at that speed and two steps till normal again.

I felt the air against my back. Whew One 1 second plus later or two lanes of traffic later. Bang.


He was trying to drive throught the cross walk. He freaked and drove out into the street.

He forgot what he had needed to do.

Bob L. Petersen

To the boys of winter

I'm taking a Sabbatical to write a poem it's now of 2000 lines long.

I have posted old copys so you can see that it' grown and improved.