Date: Jun 16, 2009 2:35 PM
Author: Donna Kern
Subject: Geometry Regents Exam June 09

Is anyone bothered by the fact that they had 3 questions on the part I (10, 20 and 26) that asked for the center and radius of a circle given the equation or graph? If the student got one wrong, they got all 3 wrong and lost 6 points instead of 4 points.

Also, there were two questions on writing equations of lines given a point and slope (7 and 31). Again, if the student got one wrong they got both wrong.

Question #33. If a student divided 24 by 4 in their heads and gave AC= 18, SE = 18, AT = 6 and TE = 6 should they get full credit or only 1 point because they did not show work? This did not seem like a 4 point question and it is a shame to peanalize them 75% because they did the simple division in their heads!