Date: Jun 16, 2009 9:51 PM
Author: LBoogie
Subject: Re: What should be a simple task....

On Jun 11, 9:42 pm, AES <> wrote:
> In article <h0p7eb$>,
> Mike Bryniarski <> wrote:

> > I've had problems with this too. Exporting Mathematica graphics into
> > Office 2007 programs in a vector format is kind of a pain. The best
> > way to keep the graphics looking good is to keep them in Mathematica.

> I'd again put in a strong plug for putting them into PDF, then
> organizing, editing, *and presenting* them using nothing but Adobe
> applications.
> I've had a few troubles (eventually solved) getting graphics out of
> Mathematica and into PDF -- but never _any_ troubles using, modifying,
> and re-purposing these graphics further using Acrobat, Illustrator and
> Photoshop Elements (and iView MediaPro as my basic organizing and
> cataloging tool).

After some research, I was able to get good results by exporting my
images via the enhanced metafile format using Export["yourImage.emf",
imag]. Compare with the quality when importing using the Windows
metafile format (*.wmf). Not as easy as simply copying and pasting
but this just might work for you.