Date: Jul 25, 2009 7:15 PM
Author: Amin Bashi
Subject: Re: ODE time step

"Vanesa " <> wrote in message <h4f5t5$abn$>...
> Hello
> I have a question on ode solvers. Is it posible for the ode solver to display the time steps that is using to solve the equation? and i mean in realtime, at the same time that it displays the T used to solve the problem, for example.
> Or is there maybe a way for me to calculate it with some kind of loop, like subtracting the new time from the old time?
> I've tried to do this but i guess i dont really know how to do it because the subtraction result is always zero (subtracting the current time from the current time not the new from the old one)
> I'd appreciate your help

if u really need the time step, change the ODE output function