Date: Sep 28, 1996 3:46 PM
Subject: check out TALE$PIN

Welcome to

T A L E $ P I N

TALE$PIN is a new and innovative form of internet entertainment.
It combines a popular parlor game with an exciting money-making

Just read and enjoy the Tale at the end of this message. If you
like, you can add a sentence or so at the end to move the Tale

To play the game, find the List of Authors down below. Each
Author has an address; send one dollar to each Author (there
are six). Using your editor, remove the Author #1, renumber
#2 thru #6 so that #2 becomes #1. Then add your name and address
to the List as #6. Then go crazy posting the new Tale and
List (with these instructions) to as many newsgroups as you can
think of; even e-mail it to your friends and family. Not only
will you be entertained each time you encounter a new and
different version of the Tale, but, if you get your Tale spread
around enough, you'll get a mailbox stuffed full of $$$$!

1. Keep the language clean. We're not trying to offend anyone.

2. We are not writing a novel! If you add to the Tale, don't
overdo it - so the posts won't get too big.

3. When the Tale seems to be finished or is getting too long
(100 lines or so), start it anew. You can cut back to the
beginning or start a new Tale altogether!

4. Take the Tale wherever you want! Make it funny, or sad, or
whatever. Remember that you are trying to entertain; but,
we're not going for Pulitzer, so don't lose sleep over it.

5. Imagine the thousands of variations of the story that will
be written. When you see a post entitled TALE$PIN, you can
get a thrill by seeing how that version has evolved!

5. Enjoy yourself!

1. The Tale provides a truly enjoyable form of entertainment
that shouldn't annoy anyone. Don't be afraid to post your
Tale to as many groups as possible, since the reader is
sure to be entertained by it - even if the reader is not
interested in becoming an Author.

2. You really can make a bundle of $$$$$ being an Author. By
spreading your Tale around, you increase your potential.
Say if ten people take your Tale and become Authors, and
then if each of those Tales are responded to by ten people,
and then (and so on), you can see that you could easily be
overrun with $$$$ in your mailbox!

3. Spread your Tale around; there are tens of thousands of
newsgroups and most of them expand on a daily basis. A
handfull of persons will enjoy your Tale and want to become
Authors. That's all it takes.

4. Send U.S. one dollar bills to the Authors; avoid checks or
foreign currency.

5. Remember: All the $$$$ you receive is really royalty for
your contribution to the Tale and for your (minimal) work
distributing it across the net. By becoming an Author,
you are providing entertainment for thousands of people!

1. Kevin Martin
1433 Wheeler Ave
La Verne, CA 91750

2. Greg Owen
34552 N. 19th Ave #122
Phoenix, AZ 85233

3. Donna Jansen
4162 McKinney St.
Dallas, TX 75225

4. Dana Vanderhoff
155 Niel Ave #3A
Columbus, OH 43202

5. Dian Goodjohn
3140 11th Ave SE E24
Minot, ND 58701

6. Tim Langseth
PO Box 44078
Eden Prairie, MN 55344

Trudy Monroe was peering into the fog on the edge of a cliff
overlooking the bay. She could faintly make out what was
surely the Persimmon, a sailing vessel captained by her
cohort Simms. Her radio transmitter had been lost along
with her purse when, minutes before, she had fallen while
scurrying down the hill-side path. She knew Simms would
stay a while longer even though she was over an hour late;
no doubt he was waiting impatiently for her to signal.