Date: Aug 5, 2009 2:03 PM
Author: Idgarad
Subject: Flying Formation in 3D Space

I am trying to figure out, given a distance and a position where any
two objects are releative to a standard formation. (think a school of
fish for instance)

Imagine a point in X,Y,Z space (me) and given a distance from me (say
1000 meters) and a pair of angles relative to me (say 45 degrees up
and relative to the direction I am facing 45 degrees to the right) how
can I calculate where the second object is in X,Y,Z space? Now given
that I am facing a direction that would also imply I need a second
"me" x,y,z corrdinate\offset for the direction I am look towards.

Lets assume for the moment I am at X=1465.34, Y=2525.21, and Z=73.51
and I want the second object to be 1000 meters from me 45