Date: Aug 16, 2009 8:24 PM
Author: Ed Stein7997
Subject: Multi-dimensional array product

I have a question about how to efficiently form multi-dimensional arrays.

Lets say I have two 2-d arrays (i.e. matrices) a and b; a(i,j) sized
i=1..M,j=1..N; and b(i,j) sized i=1..K,j=1..L.

How can I form the 4-d array w(m,n,k,l)=a(m,n)*b(k,l) which has a unique
entry for every m,n,k,l; i.e. there are M*N*K*L unique entries?

I want to form w in a 'vectorized' way without use of loops. A
conventional matrix product like a*b doesn't work of course since the
inner dimensions of a and b aren't the same. This isn't the same as a
Kronecker product since that remains two-dimensional.

Thanks for any assistance.

Ed Stein