Date: Sep 10, 2009 9:05 AM
Author: Claudio Pedrazzi
Subject: Copy a formatted sheet in Excel

Hi everybody,
I am trying to perform the following: a MATLAB application produces internally a set of matrices, say A, B, C... Z, everyone of them 10x4.
I would like to write them to an Excel file (.xlsx) each one in a separate sheet. This is easy, and accomplishable with the optional "sheet" argument of the xlswrite function.
I would like to write the data in a preformatted sheet. That is, every Excel sheet should be "cloned" from a master one, where there are titles, colors, cell formats with a certain number of decimal places, specific fonts, and so on.
For a single sheet, that works perfectly: the matrix of numbers "fits" into the prepared format, and that's it. But I would like, at the end, to have the .xlsx file containing an "A" sheet, a "B" sheet, up to "Z" sheet, all formatted in the same way. If I generate a new sheet, it will be a "blank" sheet, and that will not do.
In my opinion, I need to be able to "copy" an Excel sheet. Or if any of you can devise a better way, a MATLAB way to do this, I would appreciate it very much
Thanks a lot and best regards