Date: Oct 20, 2009 4:56 AM
Author: Badri Pattabiraman
Subject: Dynamic Model of a Synchronous Generator


I am making a model of Synchronous Generator to be used in a power plant. Subsequently i have to design my auxiliary loads in power plant and the power network.

First i have to build the Synchronous Generator model in Simulink. But finally i have to built it in another simulator which has only simple componenets like intergerator, multiplier, Adder etc.

In SimpowerSystems, there exist a model for Synchronous machine. But this exist as a single block. I would like to know the details behind this single block. What is basic model on which this block works.?

I have collected the necessary technical datas for the Generator in dq reference frame and also aware of the dynamic equations. But how to model this to get electrical power as output? If somebody can throw some light on this modelling, it would be really great. Also any references and links are welcome.