Date: Oct 21, 2009 7:49 AM
Author: Outspan
Subject: Re: Problem with memory usage (R2009a)

On Oct 21, 1:10 pm, "Bruno Luong" <>
> Outspan <> wrote in message <>...

> > even though every single field of the struct is only 8 bytes in size.
> > I hope that in its internal representation it's not replicating the
> > field names 500K times...

> No, the internal fieldnames is not duplicated, other internal "things" (matlab mxArray like) do.
> Drop using array of struct if you want to save memory and speed.
> Bruno

So I should use a matrix instead? Obviously that's going to save
space, but the code is going to get ugly if I ever have to load
different kinds of data for the same record. I just don't understand
why structs have to take up that much space.