Date: Oct 27, 2009 6:45 AM
Author: Outspan
Subject: Displaying 3D data

Does any of you have tips or reading suggestions as to how I might be
able to effectively display a 3D function f(x,y,z) in matlab, perhaps
using a series of figures?

The data is stored in a matrix, and axis lengths typically range from
5 to 20. I'm interested in the relationship between (x,y), (x,z) and
(y,z), but does it make sense to just average function values over the
dimension I'm not interested in and display (x*,y*), (x*,z*) and (y*,
z*) it as 2D functions with surf()? Could isosurface() help?

Any suggestions for expanding this to n-dimensional data, where I want
to display the relationship between the n-choose-2 possible pairs of

I'm not expecting to find "the answer", but I figured that if
anywhere, I could find some useful suggestions here.