Date: Nov 18, 2009 6:55 AM
Author: Aliza
Subject: RTW and Workbench


I have been working with RTW on vxWorks, using Tornado.
We recentrly had to switch from Windriver's Tornado to Workbench.
This took a while, redoing the make file etc., but we've succeeded.

However, there are still things that don't seem to be optimal:

1 - External mode connecting time - Connecting from my simulink host to the target used to take 15-20seconds.
Now, this process takes at least 3 minutes.

2 - Compilation time - this used to take about 1minute. It now takes over 3 minutes.

Has anyone else seen these problems?
Is this a matter of settings we didn't find?

Does anyone have experience with RTW & VxWorks in general?

Thank you,