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Author: Bob L Petersen
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From my knowledge of sound and harmonics and a Professor.

The whole field can be filled with points. Once the electron enters the field they lean. Toward what would be a the generator of the field effect.

I just want to leave this this way simple because it goes back to the first look placing arrows on the line. One method by one source can't use to many variations REALLY.

Bob L. Petersen

The human voice contains many elements in its sound. I can use my voice to make many voises and different qualitys of sound. I got to use the oscilloscope after the Professor had given a demonstration of sound on it. He was a wise old Professor who had worked Project D. That is the what, some might say? He said though Project D in Germany it was an attempt to demonstrate Nuclear Fussion. To me though it said something different. I owned a copy of the book project Sherwood, printed in 1954. In that book it said it would. He went there to be a part of something that was going to do something. Oh God!

I never said a thing.

He from time to time would notice that people were getting a little sleepy. He would raise his voice alittle. It ended up close to being shrill. The front line on his voice was almost vertical. (I did many other things that day) Was that normal no it wasn't after I got to see it next to mine.

I look for people falling asleep in class they were there. Remember, he doesn't have to.

For his mark on the world I understand he leant the most balanced opening to a book on quatum mechanics. Not undersold or not oversold. What we know.

His delivery was very even he didn't really try to push anything as exciting. That was what he choose to do. The call to think. Or what was left of him. Wise or Not. Either way try to do your best but what ever go on trying.

The book I will look at some 18 years later. I will go tho the library search for information on the subject. The compute will tell me it's unavailable. I'll ask for the librarian about it and she will tell me the book is in the hands of another professor. She will give me his name and call him to ask if he needs it right now. He says no. She tells me I can have it as long as I want but if he puts in a request I have to surrender the book. Ok I went to his office to get it. I am now looking at a man who has spend many hours looking over this book and consider what he can about it. He also has known for those 18 years I know a parallel to something in that book. He also screamed at me 18 years ago when it looked like I was just going to breeze into something new. Our ages were not that much different then either.

The finest professional exchange.

I had laid all that aside long ago.

I will tell you now why I could. I THOUGHT I had smoething they weren't aware of too quickly. It was a small piece but it was there all bright and shiny. I would even have hopped someone would have said Oh Ya at that point.

Proof: I can say I drew a 5 proposition Venn diagram in 1976. A profeesor can say he drew on in 1975 but didn't do anything till the 1990s. When he launched of in a direction that I can't read why. I will quietly write down. On mathforum if you take the shapes used on the 5 only a little narrow you can go back and do the 4. You can cross them the other way so they are opposing. Normally it's what I would call the inside outside laying.

I went on to try the highers any luck. Not exactly. Did I think of doing anything like he did to get anything to work. Of course but that's not important here either.

This is for the next two even possibilities 6 and 8.
Take the shapes you've been using for the above cut them in half length ways. You will need of course 3 more.

The books say what is interesting to watch is how the previous pattern appears in the next added.

One end they will cross over each other and on the other they will be apart. Your watching it decay on the evens. The 5 itself is a off from the number that it was beleived it would have been. With doubling up on the some areas.

I really would like to know what his reasons were for his ideas. Mine now are all right here.

As I said before it had been a fine professional exchange.

But in the middle of what I didn't understand everyone else started screwing with me and then I noticed he had been bothered also. I took it as something to do with this. He was bothered I was bothered.

The last comment I made to him was don't worry no one will blame you for screaming at me. I went to work on something else as soon as I could. What I had worked toward before and during those 18 years.

The whole problem really stemed from a town full of haven't got anything to do with it Hillbillies want to be the focal point or the best verison STAR WARS.

There is another set of Hillbillies here in Washington D.C. willing to say they should get to steal it too. Some of the finest Hillbillies in the world. Whose actions also should not be questioned.

I am here now again for the fourth time amoung Washington D.C. Hillbillies.

Trying to study and think. They clear my head of the problems these people want to give me daily. They have laughed and said thinks like this is the fighting scenes isn't it.

Just wanting the story.

What will become of this.

I said when I set it aside it should be done out in space alone. Like a work of art labored over. Just a person and the paints. Broad strokes and a fine touch.

Star Wars has brought to you by people who have nothing to do with anything but want to take credit for everything.

I may not under these conditions by able to make all the connections. I'll try latter from space later maybe.cccck

Good Luck!

Bob L. Petersen

The closest to a pure sound belong to a flute blown softly. You can watch the note shape change as it becomes louder. My whistling is patterned after that sound. I had to teeth which were slightly uneaven on the bottom. Hence I had to work out what would work and what sound I could produce. I won't and never will sould like you. R2D2 amd knotes played in the X-Files are close.

I matched one of the knotes for the X-Files tune on my computer stolen in San Francisco. The thought at street level was that I couldn't leave town. I didn't have enough money to go home. Right but I did have enough to go to Salt Lake City which didn't want me dead either. That leaves Washington D.C. holding a computer and San Francisco holding one both stolen. Both may want to claim still after 8 years they only wanted to help. They were bad but we are good.

The old with just the whistle is.. What I said would be belfre one can understand human speech. In 1974 to Rodger Pardee. Pure soft easy to clearly what it frequency was. Scales. Your right who would have one. Your right who won't remeber owing one. Someone who was supposed to be a has been.

Good Knight boys and girls everywhere.

Bob L. Petersen

I have the voice of the Great Lord Vader or I can speak soft and sweet.

My Mustang II was Baby Blue cccK

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