Date: Jan 13, 2010 4:04 AM
Author: adam sageripious
Subject: geodesic dome

regarding icosahedron 6v geodesic domes.

i have been interested in making a scale model of one of these, but to a higher detail than normal.
at the vertices, i wish to have tightly joined members.

what i mean to say is, normally people just stick the struts together with anythin, but this time i am going to use a thicker balsa wood, and cut all the angles at the vertexes so they are smoothly lined up.
I have all the surface angles, i gathered from the member lengths and SSS triangle theorem. but i am left with a missing angle..
this angle is one i havent seen before. imagine if you were simply making the top pentagon. you know that each of those members slants downwards.. but what is that angle?
since i have thicker materials.. this angle is critical in order that my cuts allow for tightly fitting struts.

My purpose is to avoid little connector pieces.i want to have really nicely cut wood that all fits together nicely and any help with this area would be greatly appreciated. if people woudl like updates on my construction, i could gladly send you pics as it is done..