Date: Jan 25, 2010 4:25 PM
Author: Michael de Villiers
Subject: Dynamic Geometry Sketches Updated, Jan 2010

My dynamic geometry sketches Link at has been updated with "A theorem about the Perpendicular Bisectors of a Circumscribed Quadrilateral", "A rectangle formed by the incentres of a cyclic quadrilateral", an update to "A generalization of Neuberg's theorem & the Simson line", and two new investigations under the link Student Explorations: "Euclid 1-43" and "Triangle Circumcircle-Incentres".

My homepage at has also been updated with a short geometry paper of mine on "LTM Cover Problem" from the AMESA Journal Learning and Teaching Mathematics, a Math e-Newsletter with info about math websites, math conferences, books, etc, the usual bi-monthly mathematical/mathematics education quote and cartoon at the bottom.

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