Date: Mar 3, 2010 10:25 PM
Author: Kirby Urner
Subject: Note to geometry teachers...

The essay below will make a lot more sense once you see
the video clips (on TV or Internet):

Your class might even add to the clips library, as making
geometry cartoons, other clips, is one of the activities
we like to encourage.

Google group Mathfuture has some of the pilot studies
(storyboards for anime), a recent thread with me and Ed

Think of a tropical island paradise where three coconuts
(idealized as equi-radius spheres) make a triangle, and
four coconuts make a tetrahedron.

The former is used for area, the latter for volume.

The above essay previews some of the episodes.

Spatial geometry is not really in vogue right now, but
needs to be. That would be a good debating position.

I have posts going back in the archives here, which may
answer some questions. Feel free to send questions to
my gmail address too.

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