Date: May 4, 2010 4:21 PM
Author: Valerie Klein
Subject: Welcome

Welcome to the Financial Education Discussion Board. 

Through a generous grant from the FINRA Foundation, the Math Forum has been given funding to develop resources for teachers and students that focus on addressing topics of financial education in the math classroom.

On this discussion board we would like to have conversations about the following:

1. What are the best ways for the Math Forum to contribute resources and assistance to teachers trying to incorporate financial education into their math lessons?

2. Feedback on our current financial categories and ideas about how to structure our resources so that they are accessible to teachers.

3. A place to share useful resources you are using in your classroom or questions you have about resources you've seen but not yet used.

4. Feedback on problems we have created that we think focus well on both problem solving and financial education.

5. Other ideas and content you think would contribute nicely to this conversation. Please feel free to start your own discussion threads!

We are very excited to get this conversation started and hope that this, along with other activities we have planned, will help us develop a online professional development course for the fall of 2010 that will focus on using incorporating financial education into math classrooms.


Valerie Klein