Date: May 6, 2010 10:30 AM
Author: Valerie Klein
Subject: Financial Categories

These are the current categories we have in terms of financial topics. We are still working to think about the best way to use these WITH mathematical topics and standards to make things easiest and most useful for teachers. Please let us know if you think any topics are missing and/or if you have any thoughts on how to organize material so it is most useful for teachers. 

A. Spending
i. consumer math
ii. purchasing options: saving vs. credit card

B. Earning
i. allowance/chores?
ii. salary vs. hourly work
a. paychecks
iii. entrepreneurial
iv. deductions: income taxes, benefits, retirement, pre-tax accounts, more...

C. Saving
i. Money growth, compounding, simple interest in checking, Christmas clubs/vacation clubs
ii. liquidity
iii. investing
a. brokerage fees
b. retirement, 401k/403b/individual ret. accts. (How dividends are calculated)
c. Instruments: cds, bonds, savings accounts
iv. risk models
v. equity

D. Giving
i. personal giving
a. making the most of your gifts (ratings, % towards overhead, other factors)
b. planned giving
ii. corporate/foundation philanthropy

E. Owing
i. pay day lenders/checking account/fees
ii. credita
a. credit cards (fee structures, penalties)
b. APR
iv. debt (rules/penalties for paying off a loan; better to save more or pay off loan?)
a. mortgages, car loans
b. student loans
c. amortization

F. Budgeting
i. What I do with my money: store it, save it: reinvest or not
ii. liquidity

G. Protecting
i. losses/insurance (life insurance vs. health insurance)
ii. investment vs protection (life ins)
iii. risk models