Date: May 27, 2010 2:36 PM
Author: Todd Miller
Subject: Re: Rhoad Geometry for Enjoyment and Challenge

Hello Mr. Benson,

I know it?s been about 15 years from your post but I am going to reply any way.

I am teaching Honors Geometry at an all Honors school in Arizona and I am finishing up my 3rd year of teaching but its my first year at this school and the first year of teaching Honors.

When I started teaching out of the text provided to me by the district I soon noticed that this book was just not challenging enough for honor students. I then started looking for other resources. From my student teaching experience at Lake Park High School in Roselle IL I taught out of the book "Geometry for Enjoyment and Challenge" and decided to supplement this text into my classroom. At first I just wanted to supplement and soon noticed that just supplementing would be very difficult to do so I just started using "Geometry for enjoyment and challenge" as the my main resource.

I feel that "Geometry for Enjoyment and Challenge" is not just a great text I feel it lives up the its name given I very much enjoy solving the problems in this text and I many of my students feel the same way.

My only issue is that the text and its resources are all out of print and I have been searching far and wide for these resources. I kept a student text from my student teaching and was able to purchase a teachers edition along with a solutions manual. I also contacted another teacher who sent me the tests and quizzes but I still would like to get a hold of the teacher?s resource book and extra transparences. I was hoping by posting this reply I could receive some assistance in this matter.

I know this post I am replying to is very old but I thought it was worth a shot.

Todd Miller