Date: Jun 6, 2010 3:54 PM
Author: Michael Paul Goldenberg
Subject: Re: New Post at RME: Who Was George Polya's Intended Audience? (Or More Mathema

Mr. Tangora's reply seems to wish to dismiss the entirety of what my blog post was about as well as what Jonathan Groves added based on the rather odd notion that the MC/HOLD camp is carefully distinguishing the heuristic methods of HOW TO SOLVE IT from other writing he did. 

First of all, there is no doubt from what I have seen that Polya (and likely others who were educated as he was in Hungary in the heuristic approach) was open to seeing the method used across the full range of education, not merely in graduate school or upper division undergraduate mathematics courses. Polya makes that clear and I provided other evidence about one of Polya's teachers.

Second, as previously stated, the MC/HOLD camp opposed any use of Polya's ideas in K-12, quite vehemently. All that thinking stuff just doesn't jibe with their educational philosophy.

Finally, I frankly don't need Polya's approval to suggest that his methods might be useful at the K-12 level, but it's heartening to see that he was open to this notion.