Date: Mar 25, 1998 2:34 PM
Author: Ronald A Ward
Subject: Website Committee

Last fall we invited the AMTE membership to volunteer to serve on several 
committees. I was informed in January that no one had yet volunteered to
serve on our AMTE Website Committee. So, as appointed convener, I find
myself with no one to contact [I am something like the King of
Pointland--for those of you who have read Edwin Abbott's "Flatland"].

It occurred to me that perhaps subscribers to the listserve might be more
technically oriented and, therefore, more interested in participating on
the Website Committee. So, if you're interested, let me know. Again,
you may reply directly to me rather than to the entire listserve.

In case you'd like to first visit the website, here's the address:

Ron Ward/Western Washington U./Bellingham, WA 98225