Date: Aug 10, 2010 6:27 PM
Author: us
Subject: Re: Undefined function or variable - for no reason...

"teki " <> wrote in message <i3s9jc$85u$>...
> Hi Shan,
> I tried running the file from both the command window and directly from the m-file but neither works. The function and variable names are not conflicting.
> The same function works fine on my pc (with r2008a), but not on my laptop running matlab r2009a. Even a simple m-file to display a message won't run on my laptop now.
> On some other pages, someone suggested it might be a problem with the pathdef.m file, but I am not sure...I even added the path of the current directory before running the m-file, but to no avail!
> Sundeep

it looks like you might have a broken hd...