Date: Dec 14, 1996 11:24 AM
Author: Al Coons
Subject: Activity Based Statistics

Bohan's syllabus for Rossman's Workshop Statistics has us moving through
Chapter 4 of Moore's BPS to pick up some topics which are not covered or need
reinforcement in Rossman. It worked very well.

I have been using some of Richard Shaeaffer's Activity-Based Statistics (ABS)
to keep the workshop atmosphere going. Often I have my students read BPS but
we do the ABS lab in class the next day and delay discussing BPS and its
homework problems for a class or two. Worked very well.

Have done the following in ABS: Estimating the Total of a Restaurant Bill:
Bias in Estimation, Steaky Behavior, The Law of Averages,& Cents and The CLT.

These labs are great! Results are often different then what even the teacher
might expect after a casual reading (e.g. Bias in Estimation) and make their
points well.

I will continue to use some more of these even when back in Rossman.

Thanks to Dick Schaaffer et al. for there fine work.