Date: Sep 23, 2010 6:32 AM
Author: Fredrik Öhberg
Subject: Problem getting all meta data from DICOM-file

I have some trouble using the image toolbox in MATLAB 7.10. I'm trying to parse a dicom file with some private tags. The dicom-file consists of an ultrasound movie sequence and is rather big (approx. 65MB).

All tags, except some tags that are present near the end of the file, are detected with the command dicominfo.

If I step into the file dicominfo I can see that the problem is that the function dicomparse is not returning the correct number of entries. This function should return all tags that are present in the file, even the tags that are private ones, according to your manual.

I’ll get the following structure back from dicominfo and as you can see I’ll get information about the private structure (6003_1010), but not from the structures with tags 7FE1,xxxx and 7FE0,xxxx.

I hope you can help me with this issue.
Best regards
Fredrik Öhberg

Filename: 'A6TAEO0E'
FileModDate: '23-sep-2010 10:36:29'
FileSize: 72438550
Format: 'DICOM'
FormatVersion: 3
Width: 636
Height: 434
BitDepth: 8
ColorType: 'truecolor'
FileMetaInformationGroupLength: 172
FileMetaInformationVersion: [2x1 uint8]
MediaStorageSOPClassUID: '1.2.840.10008.'
MediaStorageSOPInstanceUID: '1.2.840.113619.2.98.5687.1277798533.0.32'
TransferSyntaxUID: '1.2.840.10008.'
ImplementationClassUID: '1.2.840.113619.6.98'
SourceApplicationEntityTitle: 'M213290'
ImageType: [1x49 char]
SOPClassUID: '1.2.840.10008.'
SOPInstanceUID: '1.2.840.113619.2.98.5687.1277798533.0.32'
StudyDate: '20100629'
SeriesDate: '20100629'
ContentDate: '20100629'
AcquisitionDateTime: '20100629102523.000'
StudyTime: '090213'
SeriesTime: '090213'
ContentTime: '102523'
AccessionNumber: ''
Modality: 'US'
Manufacturer: 'GE Vingmed Ultrasound'
InstitutionName: 'Klin Forskningscentrum'
ReferringPhysicianName: [1x1 struct]
StationName: 'M213290'
OperatorName: [1x1 struct]
ManufacturerModelName: 'Vivid7'
PatientName: [1x1 struct]
PatientID: '691030'
PatientBirthDate: ''
PatientBirthTime: '000000'
PatientSex: 'O'
SoftwareVersion: 'Vivid7:6.1.3'
SequenceOfUltrasoundRegions: [1x1 struct]
StudyInstanceUID: '1.2.840.113619.2.98.5687.1277798533.0.2'
SeriesInstanceUID: '1.2.840.113619.2.98.5687.1277798533.0.3'
StudyID: ''
SeriesNumber: 1
InstanceNumber: 8
PatientOrientation: ''
SamplesPerPixel: 3
PhotometricInterpretation: 'YBR_FULL_422'
PlanarConfiguration: 0
Rows: 434
Columns: 636
UltrasoundColorDataPresent: 0
BitsAllocated: 8
BitsStored: 8
HighBit: 7
PixelRepresentation: 0
LossyImageCompression: '01'
LossyImageCompressionRatio: 13.5000
Private_6003_10xx_Creator: 'GEMS_Ultrasound_ImageGroup_001'
Private_6003_1010: [1x1 struct]