Date: Oct 24, 2010 3:21 AM
Author: frodonet
Subject: [Matlab Question] Converting H(s) to H(z) using derivative approximation?

Hi All,

I been having some issue with my lab work.

I'm supposed to do :

Transfer function H(s):
s^4 + 2.613 s^3 + 3.414 s^2 + 2.613 s + 1

Convert H(s) into a digital IIR filterH(z)using the derivative approximation method
for the following three cases: T=0.05, T=0.25 and T=0.5.

The problem is, I unable to use Matlab to convert the transfer function from s to z, when s = (1 - z^-1) / T.

Matlab can only accept variable (z^-1)

Not sure why, and when i see the calculation part, the maths is so rigorous....and

I need to know whether using matlab is possible to find the coefficients of z?