Date: Jun 9, 1999 12:58 PM
Author: Joshua Zucker
Subject: BC vs APS unsigned forwarded message

Despite our feelings toward the tone of this message on stat vs
calculus, there is something to it. Some schools, quite appropriately
in my opinion, give a full year of credit for BC calc, 2 quarters for
AB calc, and 1 quarter for AP stat. There is a lot less breadth to
the AP stat course. I hope we all make up for it in depth (and in
fact I often criticize the AP calc curriculum for being too broad and
not deep enough). The different "shape" of AP stat (by "shape" I mean
depth vs breadth) gives us time to do investigations, explorations,
projects, and so on. Calculus students don't generally get that sort
of thing till after the AP is over.

Also because of the different "shape" of the curriculum, a really
bright student can learn enough to get a 5 on AP stat much more
quickly than calculus -- there are fewer new ideas to master, and if
the mastery comes quickly, there it is.

So I think the student has some valid points ...

--Joshua Zucker
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