Date: Nov 21, 2010 8:53 PM
Author: Jonathan Groves
Subject: Creating a List of Online Math Tutoring Sites

Dear All,

I am looking for information on online math tutoring. I know I can
do a Google or other Internet search for online math tutoring, but
such a search does not allow me to determine which online math tutoring
sites are considered good quality and which ones are not. And who can
tell without consulting others if any comments posted about a particular
tutoring service really do give a good indication of the tutoring
service's quality? For instance, how can we tell by ourselves that
a low quality tutoring service who gets 80% or more negative responses
from customers is hiding that fact?

Argosy University does offer its own tutoring services. Though I haven't
seen more than several comments from students about their tutoring, the
comments so far do not look good. And what information I have so far
on their tutoring tells me that their tutoring is not helpful to most
math students.

Florida Institute of Technology does not offer its own tutoring
services for online students, but they do offer tutoring through
SmarThinking. SmarThinking appears to be a good service though their
Socratic approach to tutoring does not please very many students
and eats up a lot of precious, limited time that students have--
especially for those students coming to tutoring who are quite lost
with the material. Florida Tech can offer only a limited number of
free hours of tutoring each term.

What has prompted me to ask about online tutoring is a recent student's
comments that Argosy's tutoring services do not work for her, and
she would like to find something else.

Other than SmarThinking, the only other tutoring site I know
something about is, which I had mentioned to her.
So it would be handy to have a list of online math tutoring sites that
are good quality. Those currently teaching online or thinking about
teaching online or have some friends who do should find such a list
handy. And I can share this list with my colleagues.


Jonathan Groves