Date: Dec 7, 2010 10:04 PM
Author: Robert Carmosino
Subject: Formula for E dimensional elements of an n dimensional perfect figure

Ok, in my math research class, I've been working on a formula for elements on higher dimensional figures. The formula attached is what I have so far, its almost perfect but at least 1 thing is wrong, any ideas?

Formula info
elements are vertices, edges, faces... each of those has a dimensional value, vertices=0, edges=1,faces=2 E is this number

n is the dimension of the perfect figure, by the perfect figure i mean square, cube, hypercube. square being 2, cube - 3, hypercube - 4

How to solve formula:
Let E be the dimension of the element
let n be the dimension of the figure
solve the multiplication notation in terms of x
solve the summation notation no variables
multiply the answer by the 2^n-E
that should give you the answer

i think my problem is the tops of the summation notation and the multiplication notation, any ideas what they should be?

questions? leave below and i will answer tomorrow.