Date: Dec 21, 2010 4:34 AM
Author: Alexey
Subject: MAT file takes forever to save with big object array


I have a 65k-element array of objects of a particular class.

>> whos results
Name Size Bytes Class Attributes

results 1x65000 3025921848 StrategyResultDef

When I try to save it to a MAT file I get the following error:

>save backtesting/files/technical-obj
Warning: Variable 'results' cannot be saved to a MAT-file whose version is older
than 7.3.
To save this variable, use the -v7.3 switch.

And the variable 'results' is not saved.

If I do:

>save -v7.3 backtesting/files/technical-obj

I do not get an error but it takes about 4 hours to save the file and its size is 1.5gb.

I want to save the results for later processing but at this rate it's easier for me to re-generate the results every time.

I will have a look at reducing the size of the structure but does anyone have any suggestions as to what is the best way to save the results like this?

Kind Regards,