Date: Dec 30, 2010 7:52 AM
Author: Michel Slivitzky
Subject: problem with savefig

I am struggling to find a possible reason for the following error which crept up recently (and is not constant i.e works the first time I open Matlab and then is erratic) using savefig

>> savefig('pcp_qc45-nrcan','png');
??? Error using ==> print at 364
Cannot open file: permission denied.

Error in ==> savefig at 224
print(fighdl, deps{:}, '-noui', renderer, res, [fname '-temp']); %
Output the eps.

Can anybody be of any help for any direction I might examine closely? the author is not supporting savefig any longer.

Using : savefig 2.0 with Ghostscript 8.64, Matlab 7.11(R2010b) on Windows 7
I cannot see any restrictions writing to the directory

The strangest part is that if I wait couple of minutes the same instructionsl might execute without any problems
Thank for any possible suggestions