Date: Jan 4, 2011 8:29 PM
Author: Marcio Barbalho
Subject: problems integrating a function

Could any of you find the numerical solution to the integral of sin[(x-pi)/sqrt(x)] from pi/100 to pi?

S = int(sin((x-pi)/sqrt(x)),x=pi/100..pi)

You may copy and paste there.
I have already tried both Matlab and Scilab.

From Matlab I get:
Warning: Explicit integral could not be found.
> In at 64
In at 9
ans =
int(-sin(1/x^(1/2)*(pi - x)), x = pi/100..pi)

From scilab (I installed scilab just to integrate this function):
!--error 24
Convergence problem...
at line 70 of function integrate called by :

The solution is -1.295820

I just can't get Matlab to find it.

Many thanks