Date: Jan 9, 2011 3:11 PM
Author: Templar
Subject: LaPlace

Systems Laplace -level's function
G (S) = 96/(s(s+2)(s+6))

How can I can calculate this one?
is this correct:

G (S) = 96/(s(s+2)(s+6)) = 96/(s( s^2+8s+12)) = 96 * 1/(s(s^2+8s+12))

I need to get something in the way like
G(S) = (3+s) * 1/((4+s)) = 3(1+ s1/3) * 1/(4(1+s 1/4)) = 3/4 *(1+s 1/3)/(1+s1/4)
This examples number 3/4 is number which interests me in order to continue doing this task in above.
Its kinda "coefficient" of whole system and I need to know whats coefficient in G (S) = 96/(s(s+2)(s+6))

Please help!

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Message was edited by: Adi