Date: Feb 11, 2011 4:17 AM
Author: noslowski
Subject: changing variable in an equation

Below is an equation that I am working on. I know there is some way to work
it out better than what I am doing. I would like the variable a to change
in increments of 10, from -100 to 100.

my main equation is: v = -67+(a-(-67) x E ^ (-19 x t)/10

what I am doing:

v1= -67+(0-(-67) x E ^ (-19 x t)/10;
v2= -67+(-10-(-67) x E ^ (-19 x t)/10;
v3= -67+(-20-(-67) x E ^ (-19 x t)/10;

and so on and working from -100 to 100
Then I use

Plot [ { v1,v2, v3 ........},{t,0,5}, PlotRange -> All]

Please note that I have added some spaces in to make it more readable.