Date: Mar 1, 2011 3:38 AM
Author: Alex
Subject: Re: create new matrix out of row and column data

"Alex " <> wrote in message <ik4vcn$gc$>...
> I have a script that finds certain values or targets ( all numbers equal to 270) within a 3 dimensional matrix and yields its row, column and page coordinates.
> I want to create a "master frame" that takes the target's data from all 3 dimensions and creates a 2 dimensional matrix showing their row and column locations, with zeros as place holders. Like having a glass rectangular prism with particles suspended throughout, and looking through one side so it appears as if the particles only exist in a 2-D plane.
> I have it to where it plots a 2D .fig graph, but I really need it to be a matrix.
> Thanks,
> Alex

nevermind, I re wrote my script another way and didnt need to convert any .fig to matrices.