Date: May 25, 2011 4:51 AM
Author: ruppVzorn
Subject: Looking for beta-testers in order to review math book

Hello everybody, 

I am writing a book divided in 5 volumes that cover many aspects of
Functional Analysis.

The book provided the detailed solution of a collection of exercises compiled
by a Russian mathematician.

The first volume deals with elements of set theory and topology, completions
and category theory.

I am looking for students or teachers who would be interested to review some
parts of the book (the volumes are divided in several parts and chapters and
so it is easy to assign to everyone an individual reviewing)

Of course , I cannot review the book myself so I need external people to help
me and give me their own feedback . There are already 2 people reviewing the
volumes and ideally we would like 2 or 3 other volunteers to join the project

The publisher is a big US Math and science publisher

What I can offer is the following :

- free copies of the books when published
- mention you in the books as contributor
- eventually a % on my % of the author's royalties if your work was found to
be a big review work (but that will not make a lot of money anyway).
- Similar reviewing with the same conditions for your book.

We are using a software development methodology with an online collaborative
reporting environment. I think it can be also an interesting experience. I
am 'developing' the book and I am processing the 'bugs' found by the

The current version of volume I is Alpha. The alpha review focus on math
logic, math errors and to make sure that all cases are being processed.

The Beta review will focus on English language, spellchecking, syntax,
latex formatting, readability, etc...

For the 1st volume, the deadline to deliver is in 2-3 week and we are
looking urgently for a volunteer that could review the chapter on category

I am French (and living in Russia) but the book is written in English.

With regards


Pls note this is a serious message. There is no "books" category and it
seemed to me the most appropriate group to post this .Thanks.