Date: Jun 2, 2011 9:07 AM
Author: Heather Pessy
Subject: [ap-stat] Calc was discovered - Stats was invented

Hello all,

The one junior I have left in AP Statistics came charging into my room this morning(the rest were seniors and they are done for the year). He said something to the effect of "my life has been changed - and in a bad way."

A discussion was taking place in his 1st period class about the merits of Statistics and how it was simply "invented" when it would be useful, but that calculus is far superior as it was "discovered."

I'm looking for some back-up from all of you who have more experience than I do comparing the two subjects (I've yet to teach calc in my 9 year career, but have been teaching AP stats for 6 or 7). My argument is that it was all "invented." Someone at some point had to create these ideas and substantiate their claims with proof. Integrals did not fall down on us from the heavens. Neither did Linear Regression.

Thanks in advance!

Heather Pessy
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