Date: Jun 3, 2011 5:13 AM
Author: timro21
Subject: Re: Collaboration please?

On Jun 3, 2:08 pm, "H. Shinya" <> wrote:
> Dear Professors,
> I think that I have been able to fix my previous attempts for proving
> the Riemann Hypothesis.
> For this, I would like to see your generosity one last time; indeed,
> it is going to be the last
> time to ask you for your collaboration.
> In the paper version 30 which is available at
> I am claiming to have proved that all the nontrivial zeros of the
> Riemann zeta function
> are simple under the Riemann Hypothesis. Also, I am noting how one may
> tackle the Riemann Hypothesis with the method used.
> As a practical goal, I would like to make this result firmly
> established with your help.
> (By the way, by "established", I mean that everyone specializing in
> the theory
> of the Riemann zeta function knows about the "established" result as
> well-known. Hence,
> it can not be possible to establish a result on my own.)
> This is going to be the last request, since I am very confident that
> the only change
> which will be made to the current paper as a consequence of the hoped
> discussion
> is either withdrawl or the completion of the proof of the Riemann
> Hypothesis.
> I might try to keep coming back to this forum as long as I can get in
> here,
> since up to now I have no other idea for disseminating the paper to
> people
> and for getting their readerships.
> There might be a few critical moments in everyone's life at which he/
> she must linger
> and push him/herself for the sake of his/her will. And to me, I am
> believing this idea
> might be one of those. Whether you end up with pointing out a fatal
> mistake to me,
> or the other way around, it is NOT going to make me _mentally
> finished_ or anything
> like that. Rather, your mathematical criticism will consequently make
> my life better.
> I hope that at least you could recognize my seriousness by the written
> message above.
> I am looking forward to your help.
> With regards,
> H. Shinya

Hello H Shinya,

You may wish to publish your work at the Unsolved Problems web site at
but please read the FAQ first, since there is a small fee ($49).