Date: Jul 7, 2011 6:06 PM
Author: Fernando Avila
Subject: [ap-calculus] Low Scores

Maybe it won't make a bit of different, but I also wanted to report my shock with my AP scores.  

Last year about 13 of my 22 students passed and this year it went down to about 4 out of 23.

I have been teaching the course for 8 years and these results mirror my work of my first couple of years.

Needless to say I find myself wondering can we control ourselves? Is it simply that I hit the mark last year with strengthening the right topics and this year I missed?

Honestly, it could be a reflection of things going on here locally at my school but the difference from one year to the next is pretty staggering for me.

Appreciate the opportunity to vent a little bit. Congrats to all who did well this year!

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