Date: Sep 5, 2011 11:53 AM
Author: Charles Hottel
Subject: Re: Software for Calculating Geometric Transformations

"PB" <> wrote in message news:j41ko6$dp9$
>I am currently doing a course on Computer Graphics Algorithms. This
>involves lot of matrix transformations i.e. for eg - rotating co-ordinates,
>translating, reflecting etc.
> I am solving the problems on paper using a calculator, but I need some
> software which will help me verify the solution (the calculations are very
> error prone with so many matrix multiplications)
> i.e. I am looking for software where if I input "Reflect point (4,5) on
> line y = 3x + 12",
> it will give me the reflected co-ordinates. Does anyone know of any free
> software which will help me with this?

If you operating system is MS Windows you could write a VBScript program
which would run via Windows Script Host. Just write you script and save it
with a .vbs extention and double-click it to run the script.

Also Java is free but has a much steeper learning curve.

Her is a very simple VBScript example:

'Script Name: SquareRoot-2.vbs
'Author: Jerry Ford
'Created: 11/22/02
'Description: This script demonstrates how to solve square root
'calculations using VBScript's Built-in Sqr() function

'Initialization Section

Option Explicit

Dim UserInput

UserInput = InputBox ("Type a number", "Square Root Calculator")

MsgBox "The square root of " & UserInput & " is " & Sqr(UserInput)