Date: Sep 21, 2011 7:48 PM
Author: frogfoot
Subject: Re: layer logic: a new dimension to logic?

There are so many layers to this topic. Logically we must begin with the assumption that what is normal is normal, normally. It may be a mistake to make this assumption however as normal, if it is the exception to the rule is not normal at all, even if it has become abnormal to be normal. If the exception is to be normal, than abnormal is in fact our new normal which at the end of the day makes it normal to be abnormal. It is then, accepted fact that logically we can deduce that if a behavior is predictably going to happen even though it may be abnormal that it may in fact be normal. Another thought to consider is that if there are in fact multi dimentional structures in the universe at large, what may be predictable in a majority, of the detectible ulternate realities, is normal, even if it may be abnormal in your universe. In conclusion, facts are true and do not need the adjective word true in front of them. Untrue facts are simply called lies.